Coronavirus: latest update 27/03/2020
Coronavirus: latest update 27/03/2020

Business & Management

Whatever you do in your professional life, business will most likely play a part. Take control of your future with our range of courses and learn techniques and practices to help you get ahead in this bustling and hugely varied industry.

What can I study?

  • business
  • administration
  • law
  • accounting

Facilities & Opportunities

  • well equipped classrooms with computer facilities 
  • enterprise base room 
  • specialist accounting room 
  • enterprise societies to get involved with

Your Future

You will most likely be based in an office, managing your own space and workload, but lawyers may be in court and marketers and sales people may be out and about at exhibitions or with customers. Some roles will involve travelling to meetings and conferences and, depending on the area you’re in, some of this work could take you overseas. 

What will I be doing?

Roles are varied and include decision making, managing teams, meeting with clients and colleagues, storing and analysing data, creating detailed plans and running a variety of projects. 

What skills will I need?

Teamwork, communication, organisation and problem solving skills are very important, as are good ICT skills. If you’re in a management role you will need to have good leadership and decision making skills too.