Chi SU

Student Union

Chi SU, the student Union at Chichester College, is recognised as one of the best student unions in the country. Chichester College values its student voice and this is reflected through the work of Chi SU, the union run by students for students. 

ChiSU also provides a programme of extra curricular activities for everyone, from salsa and street dance classes to day trips and travels abroad.


How it works

Three times a year Chi SU meets with course representatives from across the both the Chichester and Brinsbury campuses to discuss everything from the price of chips to safety. This is called the Student Conference. Any student can be a representative for their class and they are usually nominated within the first couple of weeks of starting the academic year.

We also have a team of student executives who meet once a week to discuss and run the student union. They represent all students and vote on day to day decisions which affect students. They also assist in running union organised fundraisers, activities and in guiding potential students at open days.

Being at college is not just about learning, it’s about testing your limits, experimenting and trying new things. So join us and get involved!


Key changes that have been influenced by ChiSU

Introduced 3 years ago – Subway

Introduced 3 years ago – Union room at Brinsbury campus

Introduced 3 years ago – Basketball hoop (recreational ground) at Brinsbury

Introduced 4 years ago – Students participating in lesson observations and providing feedback to lecturers

Introduced 4 years ago – Timetable changes from 9am start to 9:15 start allowing students additional time to get from transportation method to classroom


Stay Connected

To ask us a question or find out more about what we do, call us on 01243 786 321 ext. 2507

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