Coronavirus: latest update 27/03/2020
Coronavirus: latest update 27/03/2020

Computing & IT

Learn what makes a computer work, develop software, solve IT problems, set up new systems, design websites and grow your own business and creative skills in the ever changing world of computing.

What can I study?

  • IT user skills
  • information and creative technology
  • computing and systems development

Facilities & Opportunities

  • excellent networking and engineering facilities 
  • modern computer suites 
  • focus on modern technologies 

Your Future

There is a high demand for competent IT technicians in a wide range of different sectors in this rapidly developing and ever-changing industry.

What will I be doing?

Roles vary, including development and creation of websites, networks, games and software, liaising and training clients, visiting home users to set up or repair PC equipment and servicing computers. The focus of your role will be centred around computers and relevant technologies, but you may also be involved in meeting with clients or other colleagues to provide technical training and support. 

What skills will I need?

Communication, time management, creativity, critical thinking and technological skills.