Coronavirus: latest update 27/03/2020
Coronavirus: latest update 27/03/2020


Chichester College is committed to making information available and easily accessible to the public through this website.

The layout takes into account users who are visually impaired or have difficulties using a mouse. It is fully compatible with popular screen reading software, and can be navigated using just a keyboard.

Access Keys

Access keys can be used to move quickly to common pages without the need for a mouse.

  • 0 - Accessibility information
  • 1 – Home Page
  • 2 – Courses
  • 3 – News
  • 4 – 14 to 18
  • 5 – 19 and over
  • 6 – International
  • 7 – Employers
  • 8 – About Us
  • 9 – Jobs
  • H – Contact
  • S – Site map
  • C – Goto Content

Using access keys

Access keys are used in different ways on different browsers.

On Windows
  • Internet Explorer 5 and above: Alt & [access key], Enter 
  • Mozilla, Firefox 1.x, Netscape 6 and above: Alt & (access key)
  • Firefox 2.x and above: Alt & Shift & (access key)
  • Opera: Shift & Esc & (Key number) (or Shift, then Esc, then (access key).
On Mac OS
  •  Mozilla, Firefox, Safari, Netscape: Ctrl & (access key)
  •  Opera: Shift & Esc (access key)
  •  Internet Explorer: Ctrl & (access key), Enter


Changing text size

The size of the text on this site can be increased or decreased. To do this, adjust your browser’s settings by going to the Tools menu, then select ‘text size’ or ‘text zoom’ and increase the size of the text. Alternatively:

  • On Microsoft Internet Explorer hold Alt + V then press X to open the font-size menu. Use the up/down arrow keys to select your desired font size followed by Return (Enter) to confirm.
  • On Firefox hold Ctrl then use the plus and minus keys to adjust the font size.  
  • On Opera use the plus and minus keys to increase and decrease the size respectively.