French for Improving Beginners

  • Chichester Campus
  • 16.09.2019 - 20 Weeks
  • £ £253

This course aims to provide learners further knowledge of the language. Basics will be reviewed and a wider range of situations will be covered. Monday Evening Sessions: 19:00 -21:00

Career options

Learners may wish to progress further on to French Intermediate.

What you need to know

Entry Requirements?

For learners who have studied French for Beginners.

What will I study?

The content of the course will be adapted to the needs and tastes of the group. Work will be done on oral but also on written communication. Our aim is to provide courses which combine work and fun for a pleasant and efficient learning process.

How will I be taught?

Practical demonstrations led by the tutor; one-to-one tuition within the group; individual/group discussion/evaluations of the practical work achieved.

How will I be assessed?

Continuous classroom assessment based on Recognising and Recording Progress and Achievement (RARPA)
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Five highlights

  • 1 Develop new skills and techniques
  • 2 Meet new friends in a safe environment
  • 3 Good range of facilities and services
  • 4 Appropriate classroom/workshop
  • 5 Course is structured and well managed with helpful feedback