• Brinsbury Campus
  • 21.03.2020 - 5 Hours
  • £ £38

This course is aimed as a one day introduction to basic livestock husbandry. Arrival Point: Stable Barn Farm, Black Gate Lane, Pulborough, RH20 1DD

Career options

Students may wish to progress further on to other animal care classes within the College.

What you need to know

Entry Requirements?

No previous experience required.

What will I study?

See Description of Course.

How will I be taught?

Practical demonstration by the tutor One to one tuition within the group Individual/group discussion/evaluations of the practical work achieved

How will I be assessed?

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Five highlights

  • 1 Develop new skills andtechniques
  • 2 Meet new friends in a safeenviroment
  • 3 Good range of facilities andservices
  • 4 Appropriate classroom/workshop
  • 5 Course is structured and wellmanaged with helpful feedback