Introduction to Reptile Keeping

  • Brinsbury Campus
  • 06.06.2020 - 4 Hours
  • £ £28

This course allows for those who are thinking of owning a reptile or for those who have already taken on a reptile, to gain more experience into their care. Course includes basic husbandry, including vivarium set up requirements. Handling and restraint techniques. Nutritional advice and everyday care.

Career options

A greater understanding of reptile care, with the opportunity to extend knowledge further through future courses and experience.

What you need to know

Entry Requirements?

No previous experience required, just the willingness to gain further knowledge on the topic.

What will I study?

Basic reptile husbandry including Vivarium types, lighting, heating, substrates and enrichment. Handling and restraint techniques. Nutritional advice and everyday care. Please bring walking boots, notepad & pen, protective lab coats will be provided. Nail length should be minimal to prevent animals becoming injured. No nail varnish to be worn & long hair must be tied back.

How will I be taught?

Session will start with a classroom theory based lesson including a power-point presentation, along with discussion and the chance to view different pieces of equipment. A practical session will then take part in the new animal centre, allow the opportunity to practice handling techniques.

How will I be assessed?

Through Q&A throughout the session, along with your ability to correctly handle and restrain a range of reptile species.
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Five highlights

  • 1 Brand new purpose built animal care centre
  • 2 Set in 570 acres of countryside and woodland
  • 3 Experienced, passionate, friendly staff
  • 4 Beautiful scenery and surroundings
  • 5 A large array of animals