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The course is designed to mirror the modern media world and provide a range of skills to enable all learners to progress either directly into the industry or to higher education. Modern media has never been more accessible to so many, and in many cases including social media, has become part of every day life for us all. This course will not only teach you how to create content in the modern media world, but will also teach you how the media uses secret languages to communicate with the public, the techniques the industry using to make people buy products through advertising, how nearly all films have only one of seven narratives, how sound is added in post-production in nearly all media products and how to get the right answer you have to plan the right question! Upon passing year one there is a natural progression to year 2 of this course which covers more areas of the media industry

Entry Requirements

5 GSCEs at C/grade 4 or equivalent. Ideally this should also include maths and English, however you are able to retake one GCSE alongside this programme.

Career options

The course is the first year of a 2 year course. After you pass the first year, you can either stay on for year 2 or change to a different level 3 programme.

Creative Media Production & Technology Level 3 Diploma

Five highlights

  • 1 Vocational based learning on industry standard equipment and software
  • 2 Providing several different skills across a range of media disciplines
  • 3 Taught by professional media lecturers with industry experience
  • 4 Embedding essential skills to make you work ready
  • 5 Understanding how the media rules the world!

Key Points

  • Chichester Campus
  • 07.09.2020
  • UAL Level 3 Diploma in Creative Media Production and Technology


Your course will cost

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Are you under 19 on the 31st August this year?
Are you in receipt of JSA or ESA Work Related Activity Group, or are you in receipt of a State Benefit and currently unemployed and seeking employment?
Are you getting a SFE loan for this course?
Course code Location Course length Start date
ART265CF1A Chichester Campus 1 Year 07.09.2020

What you need to know

What will I study?

You will study a range of different vocational skills across a number of different areas of modern media. These include filming & editing, graphic design & page layout, 2D digitised animation, recording & editing sound and interviewing & presenting. Together with embedded maths and English, you will also gain valuable life skills, understand how to work as a freelancer in the media industry and the theories on how media is so appealing to so many people. All assignments combine a number of different skills, such as research and pre-production to provide all learners with a industry type experience. At the end of the first year, you are able to choose your final major product and design your own brief around one of the skills that you have been taught during the year. This could be anything from a new magazine to a television advert.

How will I be taught?

All lessons are classroom based and you will be taught by lecturers who have spent many years in the industry or teaching about it. We use industry standard software with semi professional HD equipment. You will learn how to create content correctly using research and strong pre & post production skills that will ensure that your finished product is as professional as possible. As well as the classroom time, you will be expected to study in your own time each week on research and production

How will I be assessed?

All work will be assessed in portfolios based on work carried out in the classroom. There are no external exams within this course. All students will be assessed individually. The majority of the practical units include research and pre-production that will be assessed within your own portfolios from work carried out both in class and in your own time. There will also be a final product that will be assessed.

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