Course Details

This unit forms part of the CILEx Level 6 Diploma in Law and Practice, which you will be awarded once you have achieved the requisite number of units in accordance with CILEx regulations

Entry Requirements

You must have completed your CILEX Level 3 Diploma in full to progress to Level 6 units

Career options

This Unit is one of the Law units in the suite of Units you must choose from in order to pass the CILEx Level 6 Diploma in Law and Practice, which leads to qualification as a Fellow of CILEx

CILEx Criminal Law Level 6

Five highlights

  • 1 Local provision
  • 2 Competitive cost
  • 3 Part time, to fit in with work (part day release required)
  • 4 Access to Chichester College student facilities
  • 5 Contact with other CILEx trainees working locally

Key Points

  • Chichester Campus
  • 18.09.2019
  • CILEx Criminal Law Level 6


Your course will cost

We don't currently have information on the fees for your course. Please contact us for more information.
Are you under 19 on the 31st August this year?
Are you in receipt of JSA or ESA Work Related Activity Group, or are you in receipt of a State Benefit and currently unemployed and seeking employment?
Are you getting a SFE loan for this course?
Course code Location Course length Start date
BUS039CD1A Chichester Campus 1 Year 18.09.2019

What you need to know

What will I study?

This unit comprises the academic study of Criminal Law at undergraduate level. Topics covered include the basic subject areas covered at Level 3 – actus reus and mens rea, criminal damage, homicide, theft, attempts and defences - but at Level 6 these subjects will be covered in greater depth. In addition you will study non-fatal offences against the person,, burglary, fraud and related offences, conspiracy, and participation in crime

How will I be taught?

You will be taught by a subject lecturer in a classroom environment with a group of fellow CILEx students. Lessons are just under 2 hours long, weekly during normal academic terms

How will I be assessed?

You will sit the CILEx exam in June 2019

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