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A Level Law, AQA specification, covers the following areas: the English Legal System, the theory of Law, Criminal Law, Tort Law and Contract Law. You will achieve this by considering the subject through the eyes of a lawyer, judge, police officer and prosecutor. It is an examination based subject with three 'end of syllabus' exams, which are between 1.5 and 2 hours long. Questions vary in the depth of answer required but build up to long essay questions. All answers require considerable knowledge of fact, statutes and cases, together with analysis and evaluation.

Entry Requirements

5 GCSEs grade 9/A* - 4/C including English Language and Maths, you will need determination and a desire to work hard, particularly on the written word. You will also be required to complete a GCSE to A Level Transition Project, prior to enrolment, to prepare you for A Level Law.

Career options

Law is a highly regarded subject and is extremely beneficial for a career in the Legal Professions, Business ,Law, Justice, Police and Probation services as a Barrister, Detective, Paralegal or Solicitor.

A Level Law

Five highlights

  • 1 An opportunity to study law from a different perspective.
  • 2 Gain a deep insight into the workings of the English legal system.
  • 3 Study at an Outstanding college.
  • 4 Learn from passionate subject specialists.
  • 5 Enjoy this topic and have fun!

Key Points

  • Chichester Campus
  • 02.09.2019
  • AQA A level in Law


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Course code Location Course length Start date
BUS110CD1A Chichester Campus 2 Years 02.09.2019

What you need to know

What will I study?

In Unit 1 you will be introduced to the legal system. This includes civil and criminal courts, judges, magistrates, and the legal professionals; how laws are made, both through the Parliamentary process and through judges; how law is delegated to other bodies and how the courts interpret the cases before them. You will then consider the role of the jury within the criminal system; how civil claims can be settled without the need for redress to the courts and how individuals might fund their case. Unit 2 encompasses both the criminal (from homicide to theft) and civil (from negligence to nuisance) systems where you will embrace and hone your analytical skills to answer scenario questions. Year 2 concentrates on contract law, but has a strong emphasis on honing your learning from year 1. Unit 2 consists of an introduction into the criminal law itself, where you will delve in cases identifying the actus reus and mens rea of criminal offences. This will then be determined with the use of non-fatal offences and then a sentence identified. A similar approach is taken for the civil law where you will receive an introduction to tort law and solve a suitable case study. This course is ideal for the budding lawyer.

How will I be taught?

Learning is through a combination of teacher-led discussion and activity based student participation, using debates and case studies. You will be expected to pre-read prior to the lessons to enable you to fully participate in class. Learning will involve you working in both small and large groups and preparing and sharing ideas. You are encouraged to question and explore topics and to expand your own interests within your own time. A Level Law uses a system of Flipped Learning where you will lea

How will I be assessed?

Fact learning is essential and as essay writing forms an essential part of this course, you should have a high level of language skills. Critical analysis, evaluation and textual analysis will be developed throughout the year. Assessments will be ongoing in class on a regular basis, some of which will be in exam conditions. All year 1 students will progress through a Year 1 Gateway, which may include external exams, that will allow you to progress to Year 2.

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