Coronavirus: latest update 27/03/2020
Coronavirus: latest update 27/03/2020

Course Details

This 16 week distance learning qualification is designed to provide individuals with the information they need to help them understand and support mental health issues. Due to the provision of government funding, this course is available at no cost to you. Alongside provision of learning materials you will have the support of an assessor. Their role will be to provide guidance on the course content, and robust feedback on your work.

Entry Requirements

No previous experience or knowledge required. The qualification is designed for any learner seeking to raise their awareness of mental health and the problems that may cause mental ill health.

Career options

This course can be used as knowledge evidence towards a suitable qualification such as an Apprenticeship or Diploma in Health and Social Care, Business Administration or Management. This course can also be used for updating existing knowledge and CPD.

Awareness of Mental Health Level 2 NCF Certificate

Five highlights

  • 1 Excellent track record to ensure your achievement and success.
  • 2 Knowledge based qualification that can be built upon.
  • 3 Flexible start dates and delivery.
  • 4 Qualification recognised throughout the Health and Social Care sectors.
  • 5 Qualification tailored to meet your individual learning needs.

Key Points

  • Distance Learning
  • Flexible start date
  • NCF L2 Cert Awareness of Mental Health


Your course will cost

We don't currently have information on the fees for your course. Please contact us for more information.
Are you under 19 on the 31st August this year?
Are you in receipt of JSA or ESA Work Related Activity Group, or are you in receipt of a State Benefit and currently unemployed and seeking employment?
Are you getting a SFE loan for this course?
Course code Location Course length Start date
HCR421DD1A Distance Learning 16 Weeks Flexible start date

What you need to know

What will I study?

The programme covers many issues including an understanding of what is meant by mental health and mental ill health. It also examines the legal frameworks that ensure high-quality care can be provided, and the impact of social and cultural perceptions. You will study the following mental health conditions; Stress, Anxiety, Phobias, Depression, Post-natal depression, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Dementia and Eating Disorders. You will examine each condition; exploring possible causes, how they affect the individual, their family and friends and how they may be managed.

How will I be taught?

Following enrolment with the assessor, learners will undertake completion of the assessments using the resources provided. As there is no need to formally attend college, you are able to learn at a pace which suits you. Feedback will be provided for each assessment book and any amendments will be completed and submitted by the learner as required.

How will I be assessed?

The certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of 3 workbooks. Learners must successfully demonstrate achievement of all learning outcomes. Assessments will be submitted using the method agreed and within the timescale negotiated with the assessor at enrolment. If requested, this may involve online submission. Once your Assessor is satisfied by your submissions, an Internal Quality Assessment (IQA) will take place. This ensures submissions are marked with consistency and fairness.

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