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Geography is an exciting and ever changing, you will cover engaging contemporary issues such as tectonic hazards, coasts, globalisation and regeneration. You will cover themes such as changing landscapes and human development as well as dynamic landscapes and places, physical systems, sustainability and human systems and geopolitics.

Entry Requirements

Students need 5 GCSE's 9/A* - 4/C including English Language, Mathematics and preferably Science. You will require a good general Geography knowledge of places and human/physical processes in the world. You will also be required to complete a GCSE to A Level Transition Project, prior to enrolment.

Career options

You will have a wide range of study options at Higher Education and many career pathways including Urban or Rural Planning, Leisure & Tourism, Business, Teaching, Environmental Risk Management, Geo-Engineering, Government, Cartography.

A Level Geography

Five highlights

  • 1 Creative teaching
  • 2 Supportive environment
  • 3 Exciting fieldwork opportunities
  • 4 Fantastic student resources
  • 5 An exciting course equiping you with a deep understanding of the world

Key Points

  • Chichester Campus
  • 08.09.2020
  • Edexcel A Level in Geography


Your course will cost

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Are you under 19 on the 31st August this year?
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Course code Location Course length Start date
LFS025CD1A Chichester Campus 2 Years 08.09.2020

What you need to know

What will I study?

You will examine four study areas: Dynamic Landscapes - looking at tectonic processes and hazards; Dynamic Places - looking at globalisation and shaping places; Physical Systems and Sustainability - looking at the water cycle and water insecurity, the carbon cycle and energy security and climate change futures. Lastly Human Systems and Geopolitics - looking at superpowers and global development and connections

How will I be taught?

You will have 4.5 hours of taught sessions in a week. Additionally you are expected to undertake a further 5.5 hours of additional reading and study per week. Classroom activities include group work, debates and exam focused sessions preparing you to apply your knowledge in the Geography exam. You also have opportunities to learn through Chi Online and in the college library. A Level Geography uses a system of Flipped Learning where you will learn some basic facts before the lesson and then your

How will I be assessed?

This is a two-year linear A Level where you are examined on the whole syllabus at the end of the second year. Each project is assessed as a portfolio of work. There will be 3 exams and a coursework element worth 20%. To prepare you for external exams, you will carry out a programme of weekly tests, exam style assessments and Formal Progress Points where you will monitor your attendance, how hard you are working and your academic progress. All Year 1 students will progress through a Year 1 Gateway that will allow you to progress to Year 2.

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