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Pilates - Yoga - Indoor Cycling

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We offer a range of different classes to suit all your fitness needs.

Whether you want to lose weight, tone up or increase your cardiovascular fitness, we have the class to achieve your goals.


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A very popular adaptation to your general fitness/circuit classes, mixing bag & pad work with pulse-raising & strength exercises to create a total body workout. Also develop your boxing skills with our ever developing punching drills.

Body Conditioning 

A whole body toning class using lots of different equipment for a varied workout. All levels welcome as you can work at your own pace.

Dance Fitness

A fusion of different music & dance styles creates a great workout that burns loads of calories and is great fun!

HIIT - High Intensity

Working on burning fat quickly and massively increasing your metabolism, the key to losing weight and looking good! All fitness levels are welcome and catered for. Exercises include: - circuits, interval training, Plyometrics, indoor cycling, striding/ sprints, core work, fitness testing and weekly challenges.

HIIT - High Intensity Core

Heart raising cardio exercises mixed with full body core exercises, focused on shredding fat and gaining muscular definition.

Indoor Cycling

This workout is an excellent way to burn calories. The class includes fun intervals to increase strength and endurance!


Bring your mind & body together. Improve your posture with controlled flowing movements and strengthen your core muscles that stabilise and support your spine.


A mindful flow practise that synchronises breath with movement. Focusing on flexibility and focusing the mind through a series of poses to help you move forward in your practise and daily life. Moving in the classic vinyasa style, leaving your mind feeling refreshed as well as your body.