Humanities & Social Science

Perfect your English or learn a new language, study the psychology of the human mind or discover the diverse history of this planet and its people in this broad and varied area. 

What can I study?

  • history and classical civilisation
  • geography and geology
  • english language, literature and creative writing
  • languages
  • film studies and communication & culture
  • religious studies, psychology and sociology

Your Future

Depending on your chosen area, you could end up working in a huge range of different fields, from research, teaching and marketing in a variety of industries, to specialising in your area as a film critic, historian or geologist, to name only a few. 

What will I be doing?

Anything from office or practice based work, either self employed or in a large company, to working outdoors or travelling internationally. So many options and roles are open to you, all depending on your chosen area of expertise. Many humanities and social science subjects also give you the chance to improve your skills and knowledge further at university.

What skills will I need?

You'll need good communication, analytical and critical thinking skills for all areas, as well as passion and an interest in your chosen subject.