Baby boom at Brinsbury farm

Written by Eleanor on 3rd May 2019

Spring has sprung in style at the Brinsbury farm.

The farm, part of Brinsbury College's campus, has welcomed more than 500 new additions - all born during March and April.

Lambing season concluded last week, with a total of 420 lambs born this season. They have been joined by 84 calves.

Alex Hollands, Brinsbury Farm Manager, said: "It has been an extremely busy springtime for our staff and students.

"We are pleased to say that all our lambs and calves are thriving, thanks in no small part to the incredible efforts of our farm staff – as well as the beautiful weather that we’ve seen so far.

"Our agriculture students have also been working hard. It's an incredible learning experience for them, demonstrating what life on a farm is really like.

"It has been hard work, but that's is all part-and-parcel of working as a farmer. It is long hours but very rewarding, and I think they've seen that now!"

The Spring lambs and calves arrived following a bumper baby boom at Brinsbury in January, which saw the birth of 13 pedigree Berkshire piglets at the farm as well as eight Jacob lambs at the Animal Centre.

Notable for their black colouring, with white ‘socks’, tail and mark on their faces, Berkshire pigs are believed to be the oldest recorded breed of pedigree pig in the country.

Jacob Sheep, known for their striking horns and black and white faces, are a rare breed of small sheep that have graced the fields of large estates and country homes across England for centuries.