Fame beckons for Brinsbury pooch

Written by Anonymous on 14th October 2019

Brinsbury poodle stars in nationwide advertisement campaign for a well-known department store chain.

Martha, a born and bred Brinsbury poodle, was the talk of the dog-grooming town when she was cast in a nationwide advert for Debenhams recently.

And she clearly doesn’t shy away from the spotlight, having participated in dog agility competitions most weekends since she was two years old. Now eight, she competes at the highest level.

Owner Jackie Dobson, a dog grooming assistant at Brinsbury College, has had Martha since she was four weeks old having adopted her from dog grooming tutor Annette Houghton.

Jackie was delighted when she was approached by animal agents ‘Animal Ambassadors’ at one of Martha’s competitions.

The agents were looking for white poodles to feature in the new Debenhams advert campaign and jumped at the chance to include Martha.

Martha and Jackie went up to London for a day of filming and while it was Martha’s first foray into modelling, she was a natural in front of the camera.

Jackie said: “Martha was treated like royalty on the day of filming and seemed to really enjoy it.

“It’s so exciting to see her in the advert. She has been spotted on the side of buses, on posters outside Debenhams and the advert has gone out on TV.”

Though Jackie says this may be a one off, she is optimistic for Martha’s future and will continue with her dog agility with the aim of once again entering the qualifiers of Crufts. No doubt her colleagues at Brinsbury College will have their paws crossed!