Inspirational local poet returns to Brinsbury

Written by Eleanor on 7th May 2019

Students at Brinsbury College have been treated to a number of special poetry performances.

That's thanks to a visit from local poet Simon Zec, who is also a tree surgeon and former arboriculture lecturer who taught at the campus.

He performed a number of his works, including a new poem that he had composed especially for the students at Brinsbury.

The event was organised by the library team, who were looking for new ways to engage young people with poetry and help develop their English language skills.

Simon was also on hand to judge the college's Blackout Poetry Competition, which saw seven winners chosen from all areas of the campus.

Simon said: "It was an absolute joy to return to Brinsbury and spend time in such a cool library, where we have hopefully inspired a few more poets!"

"I've been writing on and off all my life. For me it's about processing my thoughts. It's an easy way of putting your thoughts down as opposed to conventional narrative."

Stella Hine, site librarian at Brinsbury, added: "Simon is living proof of the value and pure enjoyment of the English language in all walks of life.

"It was fantastic to see many of our students take the opportunity to engage with a published poet who has such strong local links."