Performing Arts

Take to the stage with our performing arts courses. Perfect your speeches and soliloquys on a drama course, choregraph the perfect routine with a dance qualification or combine the two and sing your heart out through musical theatre. If being in the spotlight isn't your thing, helping the team to produce shows on our stage management course might be the perfect fit.


What can I study?

  • dance
  • drama
  • stage management
  • musical theatre

Facilities & Opportunities

  • Riverside Theatre
  • dance studios
  • drama studios
  • touring productions
  • costume department 

Your Future

The industry is competitive but areas you could be working in include musical theatre, dance, theatre work, TV work, teaching, the entertainment industry, higher education and lots more. 

What will I be doing?

This can vary depending on your role, but could include working in dance studios, theatres or backstage. Performing arts careers are primarily about working together as a team, producing and performing enjoyable productions for your audience. 

What skills will I need?

Confidence, organisation, creativity, interpersonal skills, attention to detail, teamwork, determination and discipline.